2014 WHS Purple Pride Marching Machine Band Camp

Tami Strege addressed the band on Day 1 of band camp.

2014 brings both familiar and new faces to new roles at WHS and the Purple Pride Marching Band.

An hour into the first afternoon of band camp, the Purple Pride Marching Machine received a visit from the new Commander and Chief of WHS, Tami Strege.  Strege addressed the band as the Principal for Washington High School and as a former band geek.  Strege played the trumpet in her high school marching band in Minot, North Dakota.


WHS Band Directory Mr. LandaicheMr. Landaiche (LAN-dash) is new to the role of Band Director at Washington High School.  There won’t be much good in the Purple Pride complaining about it being cold in October.  Both Strege and Landaiche, who played clarinet in his high school band in Illinois and tuba in the Illinois State University marching band, have both marched bare foot in the snow up hill both ways between the goal posts.

Theora Carter, 2014 Drum Major for the Purple Pride Marching Band

The 2014 Drum Major for the Purple Pride is Theora Carter. Carter moves from marching the tuba and flute in the 2013 show to the front box for her senior year. This year’s show will be the music of The Beattles.

Theora Carter, 2014 Drum Major for the Purple Pride Marching Band

Follow the link to check out some snaps from the week’s activities.  If you would like a copy of any that you see in the slide show, just click the image and a very high quality copy will be saved to your computer.