2014 posts

Tami Strege addressed the band on Day 1 of band camp.

2014 brings both familiar and new faces to new roles at WHS and the Purple Pride Marching Band.

An hour into the first afternoon of band camp, the Purple Pride Marching Machine received a visit from the new Commander and Chief of WHS, Tami Strege.  Strege addressed the band as the Principal for Washington High School and as a former band geek.  Strege played the trumpet in her high school marching band in Minot, North Dakota.

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Graduation Day
Seems like it was just August, 2013 when May, 2014 arrived.  The class of 2014 was the best. Like all the rest!

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WHS 2014 Prom Paparazzi

A spring highlight is the WHS Prom Paparazzi shoot.  It’s true that there aren’t very many from the 2013 prom because the place we agreed that we would make the images — right in the middle of the Heritage Square in downtown Phoenix — was exactly the same place that the professional photographer was setting up to do prom pictures for Glendale High School.

So, when it came time for the WHS 2014 prom, we decided to take the shoot into the acmesnaps.com studio.  It was a major kick.  Follow the link to check out the images that we made.

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